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About Sensemap

Our unique language-based methodology is the fastest and most effective way to make sense of complex business concepts and turn them into easily understood narratives that people can embrace and get behind. Our approach emphasises the art of storytelling as a strategic tool, enabling organisations and business leaders to communicate more effectively, differentiate themselves, and create an enduring impact.


As Australasia’s sole practitioners of business linguistics, we recognise language as the fundamental lens through which we perceive and articulate ideas and we offer a unique perspective. 

In our role as language experts, we help you understand the importance of language, how to take control of your context, and articulate your position clearly and simply. In our role as strategic thinkers, we make sense of things and advise you how to execute your ideas and plans effectively. In our role as communication designers, we guide your explanations and conversations so they are credible, persuasive, and engaging.

At Sensemap, we’re here to help you get the answers to the big questions, clarify complex business concepts in real-time, communicate your difference, create a narrative everyone can follow, and transform your ideas into compelling realities.

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