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Value Proposition Guides

Let them
know what you
stand for.

Understand and effectively communicate the unique advantages of your product, service, brand, or idea. 

Engage the
market with a
better story.

When you have a clear understanding of what sets you apart you make it easier to gain a competitive advantage.

Give sales
& marketing 
a clear focus.

Having a clear direction for your sales & marketing makes it easier for them to convey what makes you the clear choice.

Get everyone
singing from the
same songbook.

When everyone can clearly see what is being communicated they understand what they need to do to support it.

Our language-based methodology is the fastest and most effective way to figure out your value.

We help you communicate and define what you stand for by delving deeply into the significance, functionality, and symbolism of your product, service, brand, or idea. This provides the clarity that lays the groundwork for refining your strategic narrative. By honing in on these essential elements, we empower you to effectively convey the unique value your offering represents to your audience.  

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Our three-stage approach

  • Our linguists take you through a workshop designed to dive deep into what things mean, why they are important or valuable, and how they work. We rigorously test your thinking and capture the core ideas of your value proposition in real-time. 

  • We take the core ideas of your value proposition and expand them into a detailed and structured narrative that clearly and practically articulates all the elements of your value proposition.  

  • We test the Value Proposition Guide with your stakeholders, make iterative adjustments, and show your people how to use it.

Get a practical guide that everyone can use to explain & sell your unique offer.

The guide is a practical summary of your unique value proposition. It shapes your thinking and decision-making and helps you communicate the core themes that differentiate your offering. It informs your sales and marketing and helps everyone engage the market with a better conversation.

An example of how we summarise a value proposition narrative.

HES Logo
Bringing people,
technology & ideas

Sensemap revamped Higher Ed Services, a Universities Australia subsidiary, to enhance its value proposition in the higher education sector. Over 18 months, we crafted a new brand strategy, redesigned the website, and restructured services. This transformation bolstered the organisation's role as a facilitator and advocate, empowering the executive team to enact systemic change confidently.

Blue Leopard Logo

Sensemap streamlined the value proposition and core collateral for Blue Leopard, a standout in insurance tech and broker connectivity. By crafting clear messaging and identifying key information, we enhanced awareness and engagement surrounding the platform. Our efforts ensured a compelling proposition for Blue Leopard, attracting interest from international insurers and effectively guiding collateral development.

My eQuals Logo
The official 
tertiary credentials

SENSEMAP transformed My eQuals, the official digital platform for tertiary credentials in Australia and New Zealand, by modernising its brand image. In a 12-month collaboration, SENSEMAP revamped the logo, developed two websites, and created fact sheets and collateral, positioning My eQuals as a contemporary service provider serving more than 50 education providers.

Make your product, service, brand or idea easier to sell.

Make it easy for customers to see why choosing you is the clear option. 

Download our flyer and share with your colleagues.

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