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SENSEMAP makes sense of the language that guides your thinking & shapes your strategic communication.

business stories

We make sense of the language that guides your thinking & shapes your strategic communication.

“It's like watching close-up magic.”

— Blue Leopard

Clarity Workshops

complex concepts
in real-time.

We help you understand how to explain the underlying thoughts & ideas behind your concepts. 

Value Proposition Guides

Let them
know what you
stand for.

We help you understand the features, benefits, and value that sell your product, service, brand, or idea.

Foundation Guides

Make the big
stuff make sense
for everyone.

We help you define and document your identity, strategy, culture, or business model. 

Find out more about our fast & effective language-based methodology.

“You’ve done in one day what would have taken us six months.”

— GE Australia

“Absolutely brilliant! We never would have got there on our own.”

— Royal Flying Doctor Service

Find out more about crafting & maintaining a better business story.

In this workshop, we’ll unpack the language that defines who you are, guiding you to clearly understand and articulate the essence and identity of your organisation, brand, or entity.

'who you are'.

In this workshop, we unpack the language that defines where you’re going, guiding you to clearly understand and articulate your direction, objectives, and responsibilities.

'where you're going'.

In this workshop, we unpack the language that defines your way of working, guiding you to clearly understand and articulate your organisational culture.

'how you work'.

In this workshop, we unpack the language that defines how you operate, guiding you to clearly understand and articulate how you create value and sustain yourself in the market.

'how you operate'.

This is the KPMG Logo
Putting the deal together

After 164 years in Australia, General Motors Holden ceased trading at the end of 2020 due to global discontinuation of right-hand drive vehicles. KPMG stepped in to support the Holden Dealer Network in their compensation claim against General Motors. Facing time constraints, KPMG enlisted SENSEMAP to craft their offer to the Australian Holden Dealer Council and create a supporting presentation for their pitch. SENSEMAP delivered the project within 48 hours, presenting KPMG's case clearly and showcasing its value. The presentation and documentation adhered to KPMG's brand guidelines, enabling the firm to present themselves effectively.

This is the ACU Logo
Explaining a budget process

Australian Catholic University aimed to introduce a new performance-based budgeting process across its seven campuses. Given its impact on university operations, SENSEMAP was tasked with clarifying it for academic and non-academic staff. Collaborating with the Chief Financial Officer and Finance Team, we defined key process elements and established a SharePoint Community site within the existing Microsoft-based technology ecosystem. This innovative approach centralised information dissemination, facilitating secure discussions and exchanges among staff. SENSEMAP ensured that information was tailored to different staff levels and needs, enhancing clarity and timely sharing of relevant details.

This is the Hannover Re Logo
Guiding your insurance claim

Hannover Re is one of the largest reinsurance groups in the world and transacts all lines of property, casualty, life, and health reinsurance. SENSEMAP was engaged to review and enhance the life insurance claims process and make it more readily understood by their clients. We created the Hannover Re Insurance Claim Guide, simplifying complex procedures for policyholders. Additionally, we redesigned payment summaries with clear explanations and developed FAQs to address common inquiries. Our efforts ensured policyholders understood the process and their insurance coverage more clearly, cutting down client queries and misunderstandings.

Narrative Summaries

Create a
story everyone
can follow.

By organising your ideas into a cohesive narrative we give you the blueprint for developing your strategic communication.

Communication Design

Capture the
hearts & minds of your audience. 

By transforming your narratives into marketing collateral we ensure your story resonates with the intended audience.

Strategic Advice

Get a
different point
of view.

By offering a different way of looking at things we provide the strategic and creative insight to empower your thinking. 

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