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Business Identity Guides

'who you are'

We guide you to clearly understand and articulate the essence of your organisation, brand, or entity. 

Discover the 
language that guides your thinking

In a workshop, we explore six key themes all aimed at getting you the answers, in real-time, to your purpose, difference, and value. From the moment the workshop is completed, everyone will have a better understanding of 'who you are' and a better way of communicating it.

  • Knowing who you are empowers your leadership by enabling you to lead authentically, with clarity of purpose, self-confidence, resilience, empathy, inclusivity, adaptability, and the ability to inspire others to reach their full potential.

  • By leveraging your identity as a guiding force, you can develop strategies that are authentic, purpose-driven, and conducive to long-term success.

  • Knowing who you are shapes culture by establishing shared values and beliefs, influencing norms and behaviors, guiding language and communication, fostering traditions and rituals, influencing attitudes toward inclusion and diversity, and informing adaptability and change.

  • Knowing who you are guides communication by fostering clarity of expression, self-awareness, cultural sensitivity, empathy, understanding, building authentic relationships, and enhancing influence.

  • By understanding who you are and what you stand for, you can create a compelling and enduring brand that resonates with customers and differentiates you in the market.

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SENSEMAP Business Identity Guide example

An example of how we summarise the Business Identity narrative.

Get your entire organisation on a single page

A key deliverable of the workshop is a single-page foundational resource for your organisation, providing the linguistic framework that serves as a reference guide for decision-making, maintaining alignment across the business, and helping you stay true to yourself.

Follow us & navigate the intricacies of business through the power of language

Unlock a world of insights with our complementary poster delving into the essence of identity, quickly explaining its importance and role.

SENSEMAP Business Identity Poster

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Royal Flying Doctor Service Logo
Telling the real story

RFDS Victoria redefined its healthcare role through a SENSEMAP Identity Workshop. Through the workshop involving the Board, Executive, and staff, RFDS Victoria clarified its mission to reduce healthcare barriers like affordability, distance, awareness, isolation, and inequity. This prompted a strategic repositioning of the brand and services to better support first responders and address Victorian healthcare challenges.

AgriHQ Logo
Connecting the country

AgriHQ, a rural news and information platform in New Zealand, sought to enhance its product suite and brand perception. Sensemap tackled the challenge by merging service design and brand development. We optimised services by understanding customer needs, designing processes, and implementing guidelines. Additionally, we crafted a unique brand identity and communicated it consistently across all platforms. This holistic approach ensured a seamless customer experience that was aligned with AgriHQ's values.

ResolveXO Logo
Redefining a company

ICP needed to rebrand and redefine its business offer. Through a SENSEMAP Identity Language Workshop, directors realised the need for repositioning and a new name. SENSEMAP coined ‘corporate property strategists’ to describe the company and introduced the name ‘ResolveXO.’ This transformation propelled them to become the largest independent organisation of its kind in Australia, gaining international recognition for its contributions to industry ethics and professionalism.

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