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Business Models

'how you operate'

We guide you to clearly understand and articulate how you create value and sustain yourself in the market.

Clearly articulate how you create value and sustain yourself in the market.

Our business model workshops provide a comprehensive framework for understanding how your organisation creates value, generates revenue, and sustains its operations in the long run.

  • A business model identifies the various ways an organisation plans to generate revenue. 

  • A business model defines the target audience or customer segments that the organisation aims to serve. 

  • A business model identifies the key activities and resources required to deliver the value proposition to customers.

  • A business model outlines the costs associated with running the organisation, including fixed and variable costs.

  • A business model describes how the organisation plans to reach its target customers and deliver its products or services to them. 

  • A business model highlights the organisation's unique strengths and advantages that differentiate it from competitors.

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Formal document

Turn your business model into a published document that can be shared with stakeholders.

PowerPoint presentation

Present and explain your business model to stakeholders.

Online access

Make your business model accessible to everyone as a secure internal website.

Get a holistic & concise overview of your business model

We proivde you with a holistic and concise overview of your business model, fostering alignment, communication, and strategic decision-making within your organisation. 

HES Forums Logo
Welcome to the HES Forums Community Hub

Through its subsidiary HES, Universities Australia fosters various groups and forums within the higher education sector. However, COVID-19 caused considerable disruption to these forums and Sensemap was engaged to find a solution. We created an online community platform to facilitate collaboration, discussions, and research, enabling members to share ideas efficiently and continue to engage with each other while otherwise in isolation.

Lighthouse Foundation Logo
A model of therapeutic care

Lighthouse Foundation empowers homeless youth by providing housing, family, and proven therapeutic care, aiding their healing and reintegration into society. Sensemap partnered with Lighthouse to refine its identity and establish a distinct position in the nonprofit sector. By restructuring operations and clarifying its purpose, Lighthouse expanded its impact, raising substantial funds and extending therapeutic services to hundreds beyond its homes.

Steadfast Technologies Logo
From a department to its own brand

Steadfast Group, Australasia's largest insurance broker network, includes over 400 brokerages. Within it, Steadfast Technologies provided specialised technology services. Sensemap collaborated with Steadfast Group leaders to establish Steadfast Technologies as a distinct sub-brand. This involved crafting its own identity and positioning it as an independent subsidiary that provided innovative IT solutions to the broader broker network.

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