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Narrative Summaries

Craft a narrative everyone understands

By organising your ideas into a cohesive narrative we give you the blueprint for developing your business story.

Narrative Summaries help transform your ideas into a coherent story that everyone can understand. We take your concepts and organise them into engaging narratives that act as a roadmap for conveying your key messages and shaping your communication strategy. 

Build a better story.

Contact us to learn how we can help you create a narrative that everyone can follow. 

Our practical 
approach for building business stories.

By structuring your narrative around the critical elements you need to be able to fully understand and explain your idea, we give you the building blocks for crafting a cohesive and flexible business story. This approach ensures anyone can be guided to tell your story any way they need.

  • The descriptor is used to say in simple terms what your service, product, brand, or idea is. It acts as a label or shortcut for it.

  • Positioning provides a framework for understanding the relevance and importance of an idea, both internally and externally, to clarify what it does, what it's for, or why it matters.

  • The purpose serves as a guiding light, illuminating the objectives and goals the idea aims to achieve. It encapsulates the fundamental reason for its existence.

  • This explanation outlines the mechanics or processes behind the idea, detailing how it addresses a problem or fulfills a need.

  • This summarises the tangible outcomes or results that can be expected. It describes the value the idea offers or the outcome it achieves.

  • This encourages further engagement and involvement by prompting a specific next step or action.

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SENSEMAP Narrative Summaries Example

An example of how we get the narrative summary on a page.

A blueprint
for your strategic communication.

What you get is a comprehensive yet simple guide that empowers you to put your story together in different ways for different mediums while ensuring that all key messages are effectively communicated. 

Ferrier Hodgson Logo
Selling expertise

Ferrier Hodgson's logistics consultancy faced a challenge in articulating their expertise clearly to clients. Sensemap created a document positioning their team as industry specialists with unique benchmarking data. We highlighted their ability to offer strategic guidance and spot hidden problems others might miss. The result was an attractive, efficient, and straightforward document, effectively communicating Ferrier Hodgson's value proposition.

Easy to do Logo
The A to Z of Easy to do

Peter Thurin, a dynamic public speaker and business presenter in Australia, sought to reinvent himself in the market. Through a SENSEMAP Identity Workshop, Peter discovered that his favorite saying, ‘Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!’ encapsulated his entire philosophy. SENSEMAP collaborated with Peter to rebrand and develop a new website and collateral centered around the ‘Easy to do’ concept. We also helped secure international trademarks and co-wrote his latest book, “The A to Z of Easy to do.”

Award-winning design

KHID is an Australian interior design practice, providing workspace strategy and interior design services that positively influence the way we work, meet, socialise, and live. Frustrated by consecutive years of being overlooked for industry awards recognising their achievements, KHID engaged SENSEMAP to formulate and write their awards submissions. The result was that KHID were shortlisted for two categories in the IDEA Awards, a finalist in the Victorian Premier's Design Awards, and won a Melbourne Design Award for the first time! 

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