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Find out why people think and behave the way they do

We analyse the language used to describe people's thoughts and behaviour and give you the strategic insight you need to make better business decisions. Leveraging our language surveys and analyses is the fastest, most effective, scientifically verifiable way to extract meaningful, actionable insights into people's thinking and behaviour.

  • Using language analysis to summarise free-text responses in customer experience surveys can provide valuable insights into customer sentiments, preferences, and concerns. Find out what matters to your customers in their own words!

  • Using language analysis to summarise free-text responses in employee experience surveys can provide valuable insights into employee sentiments, preferences, and concerns. Find out what your employees think in their own words!

  • Using language analysis to summarise free-text responses in post-event surveys, can gain valuable insights into what worked well, what could be improved, and areas for innovation, ultimately leading to more successful and satisfying events in the future.

  • Effectively summarising NPS results using free-text and language analysis, can provide a deeper understanding of customer sentiments, identify areas for improvement, and help organisations take targeted actions to enhance overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Effectively summarising employee engagement results using free-text and language analysis, can provide valuable insights into the factors influencing satisfaction and engagement scores. This information is essential for fostering a positive work environment and implementing initiatives that enhance overall employee well-being and performance.

Turn your employees or customers into one giant focus group

A SENSEMAP language survey or analysis turns any database into a giant focus group. It lets your employees or customers say what they really think and provides real insight into the thoughts, ideas and opinions that drive their behaviour. Moreover, it cannot be gamed or compromised because the respondents control the process and share their stories without any filter. Download our brochure to learn more.

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Understanding the
shareholder experience

SENSEMAP conducted a sophisticated linguistic analysis of 2,500 RuralCo shareholders' opinions and ideas, effectively transforming their database into a comprehensive focus group. This method provided RuralCo with a nuanced and detailed analysis, representative of the entire shareholder database and free from bias. Within two weeks, RuralCo received reliable information on how shareholders perceived their experience, enabling the development of strategies to enhance performance.

Smiths City Logo
Understanding the
employee experience

SENSEMAP's sophisticated linguistic analysis of the Smith City employee experience unearthed valuable insights that guided organisational improvement efforts. By delving into employees' thoughts and opinions, the analysis identified specific areas of concern while offering suggestions for enhancement. This exploration not only provided clarity on internal dynamics such as culture, leadership, communication, and work environment but also aligned employee feedback with the company's strategic objectives. 

Telstra Logo
Finding the cause
of the problem

SENSEMAP conducted a linguistic analysis to address a persistent performance issue within a specific team at Telstra, which had eluded resolution. The findings highlighted clear leadership deficiencies and identified areas of dissatisfaction. Armed with these insights, substantial changes were implemented, leading to a notable improvement in performance. Within a span of three months, performance levels returned to normal, reflecting the efficacy of the strategic adjustments made based on the analysis.

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