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Business Strategy Guides

Define 'where
you're going'

We guide you to clearly understand and articulate your direction, objectives, and responsibilities.

Simplify the language so your strategy makes sense.

A well-defined strategy empowers individuals to grasp their roles and contributions within the broader strategic framework. This entails simplifying intricate strategic concepts into concise and easily understandable language, eliminating ambiguity, and fostering accessibility for all stakeholders.

  • A clear vision provides the foundation upon which effective strategies can be built, implemented, and evaluated over time. It serves as a beacon that defines success and guides your organisation through its journey towards it.

  • Setting realistic objectives is essential for ensuring that your organisation's strategic plans are achievable, credible, focused, and motivating.

  • Aligning your initiatives with your strategic objective ensures coherence, efficiency, synergy, clarity, adaptability, and effective measurement. 

  • Understanding the tasks involved in your strategy is critical for effective execution, resource allocation, risk management, measurement, and alignment with organisational capabilities. It provides the foundation for turning your strategic plans into tangible results.

  • Defining responsibilities for your strategy promotes clarity, accountability, alignment, coordination, monitoring, and adaptability, all of which are essential for successfully executing strategic plans and achieving your organisational goals.

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Turn your strategy into a published document that can be shared with stakeholders.

PowerPoint presentation

Present and explain your strategy to your stakeholders.


Make your strategy accessible to everyone as a secure internal website.

Format your strategy
so everyone can
understand & execute it

We can either provide you with an easy-to-follow structure for your strategy for you to incorporate into your design, or we can format it for you according to your specific requirements.

Follow us & navigate the intricacies of business through the power of language

Unlock a world of insights with our complementary poster delving into the essence of strategy, quickly explaining its importance and role.

SENSEMAP Business Strategy Poster

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Dental Health Services Victoria Logo
Strategic reframing

SENSEMAP collaborated with Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) to develop the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, incorporating a vision for 2050 as a leading entity in oral health. DHSV, responsible for public oral health services in Victoria, works through the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne and over 50 Community Dental Agencies. Using its distinctive language-based methodology, SENSEMAP transformed the existing strategy into a bold and coherent document that effectively addressed stakeholder needs. The Minister praised the result as the "best he had ever seen."

Killara Foundation Logo
Setting the vision

SENSEMAP played a pivotal role in launching the Killara Foundation, aiding in its brand creation, strategy, and organisational structure. The foundation aims to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people secure sustainable employment by providing safe living environments and essential life and work skills. SENSEMAP closely collaborated with the Founding CEO and Chair to develop the concept and name, recruit the founding Board, and design the logo and visual language. The strategy's sincerity regarding Killara's intentions, capabilities, and outcomes secured millions of dollars in funding.

Marlborough Vintners Logo
Realigning the business
for future expansion

SENSEMAP played a key role in refining Marlborough Vintners' strategic direction, aligning their executive leadership team, and realigning the business for future expansion within a larger corporate structure. This involved visualising key elements for a clearer understanding of goals and priorities. The strategic clarity achieved streamlined decision-making and improved communication among the executive team. SENSEMAP's visual representation aligned key stakeholders' perspectives, fostering a shared vision for the future.

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