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Business Culture Guides

'how you work'

We guide you to clearly understand and articulate your organisational culture.

Align your people with a philosophy that shapes how you grow your talent, capability, and leadership. 

In a series of workshops, we immerse participants in a transformative experience where language becomes a powerful tool for shaping organisational culture.

  • Establishing a leadership intent for your culture provides guidance, alignment, inspiration, accountability, cultural evolution, and employee engagement within the organisation. It sets the foundation for growing a healthy and thriving organisational culture that supports long-term success and sustainability.

  • Determining guiding principles creates a decision-making framework that fosters consistency and cohesion, upholds ethical standards, and guides employee engagement within the organisation. 

  • Creating an 'employee promise' helps set expectations, attract and retain talent, align employee values with organisational objectives, enhance engagement and satisfaction, build brand reputation, and foster employee loyalty.

  • Setting key commitment indicators provide a means to measure the effectiveness of culture-growing efforts enabling organisations to assess and strengthen their culture in ways that support their overall mission and strategic objectives.

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Formal document

Summarise your culture in a published document that can be shared with stakeholders.

PowerPoint presentation

Present and explain your culture to stakeholders and employees.

Online access

Make your culture accessible to everyone as a secure internal website.

Guide the development of your culture

The key deliverable is a foundational resource for your organisation, providing the linguistic framework to express, reinforce, and evolve your organisational culture in a consistent and impactful manner.

Sample guide.

Get your culture summarised on a single page

The resulting document is a single-page foundational resource for your organisation, providing the linguistic framework to express, reinforce, and evolve your organisational culture in a consistent and impactful manner.

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Follow us & navigate the intricacies of business through the power of language

Unlock a world of insights with our complementary poster delving into the essence of organisational culture, quickly explaining its importance and role.

SENSEMAP Business Culture Poster

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A new set of values

SENSEMAP facilitated RSPCA Victoria in defining its core values by engaging every member of the organisation. Using a language-based online survey, SENSEMAP invited staff and volunteers to express what they deemed important for optimal performance. Analyzing responses, key themes emerged, leading to the identification and adoption of five core values by RSPCA Victoria. This inclusive approach involved all employees and volunteers from the initial survey to the final adoption process, resulting in well-defined core values associated with expected behaviours.

International Women's Forum Logo
A Kiwi-style approach

SENSEMAP was instrumental in establishing the New Zealand branch of the International Women’s Forum, helping formulate their unique Kiwi perspective. A day-long session with notable female leaders focused on defining language, member expectations, brand representation, and market positioning. The outcome was a comprehensive document guiding interactions with diverse and influential leaders, committed to supporting women who positively impact the world. SENSEMAP proudly contributed its workshop as a gift to champion New Zealand women in business and community leadership.

Cybec Foundation Logo
Building a foundation

After the loss of its founder, Cybec Foundation's board aimed to secure its future with robust governance and communication structures. Sensemap collaborated to create an Identity Guide, implementing it organisation-wide. This included a visual language, website overhaul, success story documentation, funding application templates, and policy reviews for compliance. The result: Cybec Foundation gained renewed clarity and purpose.

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