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Make anything
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By employing our what, why, how methodology, we dissect complex concepts, streamline terminology, and foster alignment of understanding. 

SENSEMAP Clarity Workshop Example

An example of how we get your explanation on a page.

Clarity Workshops

Clarify complex
business concepts
in real-time.

In these workshops, we help you understand how to explain the underlying thoughts & ideas behind your concepts. 

Make it easy
for everyone to explain.

In our Clarity Workshops, we help make complicated business ideas easier to understand. We carefully explain tricky concepts, making sure to highlight important words and clear up any confusing language. As we work together, we help you grasp and explain the basic idea of your product, service, brand, or plan in simple terms. By adjusting the language in real-time, we make sure everyone gets why the concept matters and how it all works. 

  • During the session, we focus on breaking down complicated concepts into simpler, more understandable parts. By doing so, we help participants grasp the underlying thoughts and ideas behind the concepts. 

  • Through guided discussion and explanation, we encourage active engagement and participation, allowing individuals to ask questions and seek clarification on any points of confusion. 

  • Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that everyone leaves the workshop with a clear understanding of the thinking behind the concepts discussed, enabling them to apply this understanding effectively in their work or decision-making processes.

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Indigolive Logo
The best events are live

Indigolive sought a brand that mirrored its commitment to crafting exceptional live experiences. Collaborating with SENSEMAP, they developed an Identity Guide defining their offer, value proposition, and brand positioning language. With this foundation, SENSEMAP provided a clear direction for the Indigolive brand, showcasing how the company helps clients deliver impactful live events that inform, persuade, learn, connect, celebrate, and unite people.

Northern Land Council Logo
What is a permit?

The Council, aiding Aboriginal peoples in the Top End, aimed to craft a permit app for its Rangers. Over 30 members, aided by linguists, probed the question of 'what's a permit?', reshaping the project's scope profoundly. This effort boosted government funding from $300,000 to $1.2 million, with SENSEMAP aiding in drafting the business case, presenting it to the Board, and writing the funding application.

Monash Health Logo
A new Model of Care

Monash Health Dental Services, a leading dental care provider, recognised the need to update its Model of Care to align with evolving standards and diverse stakeholder needs. Explaining these changes to patients, staff, and others posed a significant challenge. Sensemap was engaged in crafting the story and creating an engaging supporting infographic that clearly outlined the change. The result was enhanced understanding and a stronger sense of shared purpose among patients, staff, partners, and the broader community.

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