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Strategic Advice

The word ‘advice’ as we use it today comes from the Old French word ‘avis’, which means opinion, view, judgment, or idea. More specifically, it comes from a combination of the French phrase ço m'est à vis, which translates as "it seems to me," and the Vulgar Latin mi est visum which means ‘in my view.’ Every business has long-term relationships with trusted professional advisers that offer ‘a view.’ Those advisers are usually experts in their field and do their best to be unbiased but, more often than not, come from a field that already exists within the business.

Your organisation already has people with expertise in finance, operations, marketing, human resources, and management. Advisers who come from these fields are often in conflict with those people or can threaten them. What your organisation does not have is someone who’s a language expert - someone who understands how to get the most out of the primary thinking and communication tool used by all these functions.

As business linguists and communication designers, we offer a completely different point of view and a different approach to strategic advice that clarifies and enhances the thinking of the people you already have. Combining our unique perspective and specialised knowledge is the fastest and most effective way to make sense of the problems, issues, and challenges that confront your organisation. More importantly, it is the least threatening and most enjoyable way to do it.

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